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Do NOT LET THEM execute Loghman and Zenyar Moradi

RjiTxfnPVnKYAgQ-556x313-noPadDo NOT LET THEM execute Loghman and Zenyar

Too many innocent people are imprisoned, tortured, and hanged for a meaningless political agenda in Iran. They have not committed any crimes and are falsely charged.

YOUR VOICE, as FREE people matters. This is not about another country, this is about our humanity and standing up for innocent youth.

Zaniar’s letter from prison:

To all the people of the world who are in my age group:

I despise thinking about my death; I do not want to take my life aspirations to the grave with me.

My name is Zaneyar Moradi. Currently, I am sitting on a death row, my prison cell in Karaj, Iran, and I want to talk to you young people in Europe and America, I want to speak to people, who are my age who are living in Japan, Australia, France, and Africa and all over the globe.

Please DO NOT LET THEM HANG ME! Is this world so cruel, to watch both my cousin and I hang in public from a crane on the street? And not say anything? And not do anything?

I realize that it is only through the Internet that I am voicing to you my fear and my plea to you. So please be patient with me and give me few minutes and seconds of your time and hear me. It is hard to be twenty-one and to face my death. To live everyday with the nightmare of death, to shiver every time I hear their footsteps coming to take me to my death.

It has been three years since I have been imprisoned. I am Zaneyar Moradi and my co-defendant is Loghman Moradi, we were tortured for nine months. They would beat us so hard that we could not walk, even today I still suffer from side effects of torture—my back is hurting and I have two fractured vertebrate. The torturers told us that if we did not confess to everything they told us that they would rape us and we just signed whatever they put in front of us. And now we are waiting for the hanging rope of death while standing or hanging on the streets of Tehran or Urūmiyeh (where we were born).

They tell us now plans are being set for our execution, and the hang man has been sick for the past four days and I can’t sleep at nights. So I decided to help myself by writing this letter. Whatever you can do, please don’t let them execute us.

Please use your youth, your creativity, and let this regime know that we are not alone. Please voice your protest to this verdict. If you protest, if you complain to them we will here it! I am waiting to hear YOUR voices of protest.

Zenyar Moradi

Raja-e-shar Prison  January 4, 2013

Please sign the petition on http://www.iranpoliticalprisoners.com

OR/AND Send a protest letter:

Sample Protest letter

To: Catherine Ashton, EU Foreign Affairs High Representative


Ali Khamenei, Iranian Leader


I express my strongest protest against the imprisonment and the death sentence of Zaniar Moradi and Loghman Moradi. I urge you to pressure the Islamic regime of Iran to overturn the execution sentences of these two political prisoners and to free them immediately.


[Your name]



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