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Mitra Pourshajari’s letter on the situation of his father


The Islamic Republic wants to makes sure my father dies in prison

Another Heart attack of the blogger and political prisoner, Mohammad-Reza Pourshajari: Alias: Siamak Mehr

Sadly the news that my father had another heart attack reached me yesterday. They transferred him to the prison infirmary. Three doctors by the names of: Amhedi, Nejad Bahram and Ghalizade were of the opinion that my father needs to go to a city hospital outside of the prison infirmary with the proper equipment. They said that any further hardening of his arteries would cause his heart to stop and death will surely follow.

Last month Dr. Amhedi and Dr. Nejad Bahram had signed a document asking for my father’s release from prison, deeming this “criminal”. Of course this was strongly opposed by those in charge of the prison; the prosecutor and judge. It is so unfortunate that the prison authorities do not listen to the warnings of doctors in charge of the prisoners, not even in an emergency situation. They are completely indifferent to the physical conditions of the political prisoners! To them the doctors’ opinions are of no importance and they completely ignore them!

According to a few doctors, further keeping my father in prison will cause more heart attacks and will cause death. But the Islamic hard liners of Iran have chosen to close their eyes to the harsh mistreatment of political prisoners. In reality this is how they fight against those who have any political opinions; by imprisonment, torture, executions and many other crimes. That is how they stop the opposition so that no one dares criticize the regime. All Iranians have to obey and do whatever pleases the system.

In conclusion I, the daughter of a political prisoner, via this letter, would like to announce that if any unfortunate things should happen to my father, Mohammad-Reza Pourshajari, the first person I hold absolutely responsible is Ayatollah Khamenai.

February 18, 2013

Mitra Pourshajari

** The above letter was ranslated from Farsi by Shadi Paveh for CFPPI


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