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SAVE Mohamad-Reza Pourshajari, writer and blogger

HerFather Pourshajari blogged about the situation inside Iran under the alias Siamak Mehr, was arrested at his home on September 12, 2010 and taken Rajai-Shahr prison. There he was subjected to the most brutal torture methods for 7 months. He was sentenced to 4 years in prison for ‘insulting the Supreme Leader’, ‘acting against national security’ and ‘insulting Islam’. He later tried to commit suicide using broken lenses of his spectacles. According to a letter by Mr. Pourshajari’s daughter, dated Febraruy 18, 2013 her father suffered a heart attack in prison and has been denied medical intervention. The letter also states that three prison doctors urged prison officials to transfer Mr. Pourshajari to a city hospital or sudden death may occur due to the ongoing tightening of the prisoner’s arteries. The request of the doctors, who also signed a decree deeming the denial of medical care ” criminal”, has been largely ignored to date. Mr. Pourshajari’s daughter warns that if her father dies in prison it will be solely due to refusal of the medical care he so desperately needs.

Campaign to Free Political Prisoners in Iran (CFPPI) expresses its great concern for the situation and well-being of Mohamad-Reza Pourshajari. We call on all concerned individuals and organizations to demand the release of Mohamad-Reza Pourshajari and to show their solidarity with his family. Pourshajari’s daughter, Mitra, has been contiuasly campaigning for his father release; Mitra needs your help.

 Please see Mitra’s letter

You can take an action by sending a protest letter to the authorities in Iran. A sample letter is provided below.Your support can make a difference.

For more information please Contact:

Shiva Mahbobi- Spokesperson on: 0044 757 235 6661



Copy to:




I express my great concern for the political prisoner Mohamad-Reza Pourshajari. I demand that he be given medical attention and be released immediately.





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