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5 days of action in support of political prisoners in Iran- 10 June –14 June 2013 – Suggested actions


Once again there is a so called presidential election in Iran on Friday 14th June 2013. Once again the political upheaval in Iran is on a spotlight and once again the Islamic regime is trembling and preparing itself for a storm. We are writing this to invite you to be prepared too, and not let the regime create yet another scene of carnage as we all have witnessed in the post-election of 2009. Neda Aghasultan’s images on television screens are still fresh in our memories.

Campaign to Free Political prisoners in Iran (CFPPI) invites you to join the 5 days of action (June 10 – June 14) to raise the voice of the political prisoners in Iran. You can be the voice of those who have been in prison since the last election in 2009 and also those who are being arrested now, prior the election on 14th June.

Fearing yet another uprising by men and women in Iran, regime has started rounding up whoever is deemed potential to raise their voice against the regime. Fear of the students gatherings and demonstrations, the regime has order the exams to be carried out earlier so the universities could be closed during the election to prevent any gathering.

We are facing a brutal regime with no mercy on any dissidents and their voices of freedom. The only way we can succeed against such oppression is to put our forces together and create an international solidarity with people in Iran. This force can support people in Iran and also can help raising, ever louder, the voice of political prisoner in Iran.

We would like to urge you to join this action against the crackdown of pre-election 2013 in Iran, to support the fight for freedom and to raise the voices of those whose freedom have been taken away by the savage Islamic regime.

Suggested actions:

1. Sending the letter below (copying and pasting into an email) to the European Parliament, the Iranian embassy in your country, the governmental officials in your country and also to the Islamic regime’s statesmen through email addresses below.

2. Copying and posting the following tweet as many times as possible during these 5 days and flood the twitter with the message:

Free all #political #prisoners in #Iran. Stop arresting dissidents during #presidential #election in Iran 2013.http://tinyurl.com/kb8hevr

3. Sign the following petition in support of political prisoners:


4. Share the action on your Facebook

For more information contact:

Shiva Mahbobi, Spokesperson- Campaign to Free Political Prisoners in Iran (CFPPI)

Tel: +44(0) 7572356661 Email: shiva.mahbobi@gmail.com


I/We express my strongest concern regarding the situation of political prisoners in Iran; the Islamic regime must be put under pressure to free all political prisoners in Iran.

Persecution of dissidents, torture and executions must be stopped immediately.

Name. . . . . . . .

City/country . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Please send or email your letter to:


Catherine Ashton, EU Foreign Affairs High Representative

Copy to: urgent-action@ohchr.org, info@leader.ir

You can also send a copy of your protest letters to the

Iranian Embassy in your country.

Please send a copy for our record to:



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