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Report on Mohammad Ali Taheri

The following has been sent to CFPPI byt Mr Taheri’s supporters:

Mohammad Ali Taheri who has been awarded several honorary doctorate degrees and awards for the foundation of Faradarmani and Psymentology, has been imprisoned by the Iranian regime since 4th May 2011 in 209 Evin prison.

A brief report on Taheri’s two years of imprisonment:

  1. He was tortured and held in solitary confinement for one entire year under extremely bad conditions.
  2. In order to force Taheri to make false confessions he was continuously pressured through threatening his family and the like.
  3. All the pressure and tortures he underwent were aimed to make him confess to the following: denial of his ideas, confessing to have been a secret agent of CIA, MEK and foreign governments that the Iranian regime considered as enemies (Israel, USA,…), denial of having any academic qualifications, having sexual relations with students and other women, confessing to be a cabbalist, Christian, Wahhabi, Satanist, etc.
  4. During the first year of his arrest, he was told to be sentenced to apostasy and frequently threatened with false execution orders written by reputable religious authorities.
  5. To avoid making false confessions such as being a foreign Israeli, CIA,… agent and in order to decrease the interrogators’ intense pressures, he tried to commit suicide 4 times.
  6. On July 2011, a false confessionwas broadcast on Iranian state television in which Taheriannounced that he did not hold any university degree (It is worth mentioning that Taheri is a mechanical engineering graduate from Turkey.) Taheri was deceived by the interrogators who had promised his release in case of confessing in front of a camera;however, not only was he not released, but this film was used against him in court as the onlyavailable evidence.
  7. During these 2 years he underwenteight hunger strikes. The last one was on April 2013 and only 2 weeksafter his first and only 6 daysfurlough. He is now undergoing another hunger strike and his health is in real danger. He needs our support.
  8. Taheri was kept in isolatedconditions in which he had absolutely no accessibility to outside news. He was continuously provided with false news such as the arrest of thousands of his disciples.
  9. On Dec 2011, Taheri was sentenced to 7 years of prison, 74 body whips, 910 million Tomans cash penalty by Judge Pirabbasi, branch no. 26, Tehran Enghelab Court.
  10. He was not even given the opportunity to defend himself in this unfair trial.
  11. After the verdict, he was even denied his utmost basic rights such as having a pen and paper to write with.


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