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Meeting on political prisoners deprived of medical attention


Meeting with European External Action Service of the European Union on the issue of political prisoners who are deprived of medical attention

On Wednesday 29 January 2014, a meeting was arrange with the European External Action Service (EEAS) to discuss the situation of political prisoners whom are deprived of medical attention as well as the recent executions in Iran under presidency of Rouhani.

The participants in this meeting were as follow:Shiva Mahbobi: Spokesperson of CFPPI, Antonis Alexandridis, Human Rights guidelines and Multilateral Cooperation, Roberto Olmi, Principal Administrator: Iran and Regional Issues, Arabian Peninsula, Iran and Iraq.

In this meeting, Shiva Mahbobi informed the delegates about more than 700 executions that have been carried out in 2013 amongst which 500 were carried out since Rouhani came to office. The number of executions from 14 January to 28 January 2014 was around 60. The Islamic regime in Iran is secretly executing many political prisoners and therefore the exact numbers are much higher.

Shiva Mahbobi particularly discussed the situation of hundreds of political prisoners whom are deprived of medical attention by the regime. The regime is deliberately deprives political prisoners from medication and medical attention and at the same time forces the families of these prisoners to pay for the cost of medication. Mahbobi also talked about lack of attention from the international communities including European Union, to this matter which has put the lives of hundreds of political prisoners at risk and emphasized on the importance of a strong action taken by European Union. She also pointed out that the nuclear program negotiation has been dominated the news and therefore has cast a shadow over human rights abuse in Iran.

Mahbobi submitted a report which included names of 98 political prisoners whom are currently are in a critical condition for not receiving medication. She also introduced one of the CFPPI’s campaigns called “Don’t let their heartbeats stop” which has started in October 2013 to support political prisoners that are deprived of medical attention.

Mr Alexandridis and Mr Olmi spoke about the role of Catherine Ashton and her office and that they have always expressed their concerns regarding the abuse of human rights in Iran by the Islamic regime. They explained that Ashton’s office will continue to raise the issue of human rights. They also stated that based on the information submitted, they will raise concerns regarding political prisoners being deprived of medication with Catherine Ashton. Shiva Mahbobi has requested that EEAS must highlight the above issue of political prisoners and put pressure on the regime to provide medical attention immediately and unconditionally.  She also submitted a petition that so far has attracted signatures of 680 people.

Campaign to Free Political Prisoners in Iran (CFPPI)



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