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Why are you silent about the campaign to save Reyhaneh Jabbari ?

10007029_696436970413859_946165944_n[1]10007029_696436970413859_946165944_n[1] Addressing the Persian-language media : Why are you silent about the campaign to save R. Jabbari ? The letter is addressed to the BBC and VOA Persian-language media personalities and parties in Iran


In Iran, a young girl of 26 years old , a girl with a thousand dreams , a person falls into the trap and tried to rape the girl ‘s hand . A young girl during a self-defense only gives a blow with a knife and ran away and the shoulder of the person in charge of an Islamic state no court ” murder ” is on the verge of death .
we are.

The so-called Islamic state court , and apparently the family ‘s cultural R. R., dog and pet data, use the file has been thick and thicker , in the court of the R. family of human culture , and modern life have a
Family of 6 years has been silent for fear of worsening the situation in silence for fear of the threat of government have tried to save their son . Unfortunately today are standing on the brink of disaster , like thousands of others that threaten the regime ‘s media do not matter , is to save the child and the children loved the brutality and cruelty of thousands of people are hanged and the enormity of the administration of justice and the law talk cold blood , kill people , and he washed his bloody hands ” Governance ” are .

R. leaked and we now know that Nazanin Afshin -Jam , Mina Ahadi , Shadi Paveh and Shabnam Assadullahi happy to announce we have a campaign , nearly 80,000 people have signed a petition in protest . In fact, it ‘s been going on for millions of people and thousands of people have protested . From Guinea-Bissau to the United States , from Australia to China, Japan , the Czech Republic , Iran , the question is why does the BBC say ? Why does the Voice of America news coverage ? Why did most media personalities and political parties in Iran or around the lips have a heavy silence What does that mean ?

We once again invite everyone in any possible way to protest . R. Let us not kill him did nothing but defend himself and should be released immediately.
Mina Ahadi
March 27, 2014


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