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Warning, they intend to execute Reihaneh Tuesday next week !

Today at the Facebook page of the text written by Bahareh Rahnama Flame R. Pakravan ‘s mother reported:

Only thing close to five day sentencing ” R. Jabbari ,” remains. Until next Tuesday , hanging is provided for the death of 26 -year-old youth , who was 19 when he committed the murder .

Consultations and efforts of athletes , pioneers of art , jmshyd Mashayekhi , Reza Kayanids , shinning RB , Behzad Farahani Roya Karimi and many other big names were useless ….

This is a warning !

R. International Campaign saved so far managed to collect 113 thousand signatures against this ruling , the campaign to listen to the protests of thousands of union officials in Europe , Ahmed Shaheed has Ban Ki-moon , the campaign by holding several meetings in Canada America and Europe , to help R. , call for a united movement in Iran and abroad, R. saving offers !

On Saturday 12 April, everywhere around the world this week Day R. prevent the execution is announced . Gather in front of parliaments in various countries , gathered in city centers , holding photographs R., gathering in front of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran will drag R. Do !

This is a young dishonorable killing in self-defense , murder , and the charge time is not yet proven . We must not let this kill R. easily . No , we will not allow . We , all of us , wherever we have to do something against this crime . Rise up united once and for all say No to death !

We invite students and friends of R ‘s who in the night between the R data gathering and show that they do not take various initiatives to R. easy to sacrifice .
We invite artists in Iran and around the world united to protest against the unjust sentence !

We do not have much time protesting every day from any way possible .
The Iranian government wants to R. sacrifice of millions of people threaten to take against the widespread movement against R. execution of public organized crime to defend .

Any hope of contributing close to the victim’s family , to invite people to any kind of silence and prayer , taking the R to the gallows . This is all we have experienced this week .

And the head of the Islamic regime ‘s killing of R. Amoli Larijani and judiciary of this state. Be united and go to the streets broad and powerful . Street criminals should give the answer . This is the only way ! only way to protest the sentence R. gathering and protest and put pressure on the Islamic regime .

Campaign to Save R. Jabbari

10 April 2014

Correlation with R. Jabbari , week trying to abolish the death penalty
Jabari R. , 26 year old young woman who is at risk of execution .

R. M. arrested and charged with murder in the name of the individual who is seven years in prison.

R. decoration designer was. R. M. When working in a coffee shop conversation was accidentally overheard the conversation and be aware of Rayhaneh job . R. He wants to go to his office to do the decoration .

Later they put together to show the place and talking about the way they Morteza office .

After the meeting , R. M car to go to work he has to do on the way to work, M stands in front of a store and buys goods from store .

Morteza again with the car and R. M. move into the office . After reaching the place , R. realizes that not much work is an abandoned house .

M. Two glasses of beer on a table immediately closes and hand tied to his waist R. says he can not get out !

R. M. and current involvement with self-defense, R. M. Impact torn shoulder with a knife and ran away . M. reportedly died of hemorrhage .

Experiments have shown that the juice is on the table containing the anesthetic . R. arrested and tortured after he confessed to the murder was planned and they even called to say he was a political murder . M. One of the previous co-workers information.

R. condemned to death and the sentence confirmed and communicated to the execution of orders may be executed at any moment to R. .

We wish everyone by announcing R. campaign to save anyone else who may be employed to Save the R. ..

If possible, contact with the media to give you all the news , if possible contact with governments and human rights , you should contact them if you have the possibility to organize a meeting or a letter of protest to the command immediately leave.

We next Saturday, March 21 to Saturday March 28 correlation with R. tied .

Saturday, March 28 meetings in different cities and protest against his death sentence will be set up .

Please help to save the lives of these young women .

The first protest sign this petition :

Nazanin Afshin -Jam
DA happiness.
Dew Assadullahi
Mina Ahadi
March 21, 2014
Contact :10001170_702967236427499_8061707705531840088_o



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