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Rayhaneh does not mean the abolition of death penalty reprieves – Protests must be greater

Following the news of a temporary delay in the execution of public concern regarding the possibility of secret executions R. Jabbar has increased. Simultaneous fear of regime protests against the execution cites R. and increase the number of countries signatories of the petition has more support . All news and observations indicate that the regime is under pressure to cancel the execution of R. Therefore, in various forms has tried to reduce the pressures .
Popular Shiva Mahbubi, a spokesperson for the campaign for the release of political prisoners in the Europe Union on April 16 , the staff requested that the foreign policy of the regime R apply pressure to abolish the death penalty .Why do not execute doing that would be to the detriment R !
This points to a former lawyer Mostafaei said R. R. In addition, state media and a reflection of the artists were sent to Europe in support of R for the union .
Shiva favorite part of the letter stated: ” The regime has announced that if you decide not R. death , then tells the implementation of emergency measures by the Union on the situation in Europe is hampered by the R ? Reality is that this trick is KsyfystWe need to take urgent action to save R. you are. ”
To continue their protest until death sentence overturned R. and liberty . Petition in support of R is supported by more than a hundred thousand people to sign and send to their friends and networks .
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At the same time send the Europe Union to pressure the regime and calling for the abolition of the death penalty Jabari R. wash . You can copy and paste the following letter to the following address: Union Europe Immelt please .

R. Let us hear his Jabbar said.
Committee for the Freedom of Political Prisoners
Seventeenth April 2014

Sample Letters and E-mail :
To: catherine.ashton @ ec.europa.eu
I / We demand that the European Union to put pressure on the regime in Iran to overturn the execution sentence of Reyhaneh Jabbari immediately.
Name. . . . . . . .
City / country. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
For more information, visit the Announcement Campaign to Save on Orion R.
Correlation with R. Jabbari , week trying to abolish the death penalty10014574_705455362845353_879177729499330286_n


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