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Against torture and imprisonment, the twentieth day of June 2014 together come to streets

20th June we are calling on families of political prisoners and brutal aggression against the Islamic Republic of Iran. Many of you have participated in past years in different cities and to organize demonstrations break out in these days . Hopefully this year its energy resources to support political prisoners in the days to apply it . Kind of depends on how the actions of your initiatives .
We will soon announce the names of the cities where the rally will be held . This year we hope to hold the event in different cities . If you want to stay in the city in support of political prisoners held in the days of an application , please contact us .
I request you to coordinate with the coordinating organization of the International Day in Support of Political Prisoners can contact AR soldier .
A. Sarbazi
Phone: 0041788813568
Email Contact :
For more information, please refer to the blog in June twentieth .
Committee for Freedom of Political Prisoners in Iran
20 May 2014
Thousands lost their lives for freedom . Regime in the summer of 1367 , more than five thousand political prisoners executed in just three weeks . On June 20, 2009 were up 30 Khordad 1388 , millions of people took to the streets against the Islamic Republic and effort recorded history lesson on his campaign . Given the choice of spiritual , thinking outside the country created by the human rights situation in Iran has improved compared to the past . In the year 687 the number of executions in Iran , the highest figure in the past 15 years of his sentence and has been associated with an increase of 16 percent over the previous year .

Islamic Resurgence in fear of the people , who because of poverty , inflation , unemployment , repression,   and humiliate their bones have been turned to crack down on crime and more . Systematic executions , arrests and convictions of everyday heavy political activists , trade unionists , students , activists, women’s rights , prisoners’ lawyers , artists , journalists , ethnic and religious minorities have no excuse but to fear the power of the Mafia, the storm is coming. People , gentlemen !uprising is willing to take any crime until his messy life meet. ‘s brutal regime in the case of individual and collective hundreds of counts of murder  is sleeping in the ! The world should  thousands of political prisoners in the Islamic Republic hear life and the facts of this criminal regime ‘s dungeons are horrible .

The voice is expressive of the world , millions of people around the noble and humanitarian emergency defense gives us and hundreds of thousands of political  loved it possible that it could threaten their gallows . Assault and kidnapping of a permanent political opposition , the brutal treatment of prisoners and the terrible news of mass executions , working every day in this state. June twentieth of a broad campaign to organize a protest movement that wants to support the civilized world demands the unconditional release of political prisoners in Iran could mobilize ! International response to the dangers that threaten the lives of our loved ones in prisons , to create . June twentieth , while the symbol of unity and our covenant to release unconditionally all political prisoners is a Chvbhhay down ! Campaigns notorious Evin and Rajai Shahr political prisoners in dungeons and prisons of the Islamic Republic of numerous massive epic . This exciting campaign to deserve the greatest support and international support ! Thousands of political prisoners and their families , and the anxious eyes of the international response to our concerns .

We invite all organizations advocating the release of political prisoners and the use of facilities  held on the tenth day of June, International Day in Support of Prisoners take part . This day belongs to all of us.


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20 June-International Day in Support of Political Prisoners

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