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Ban Ki-moon report on Iran

Ban Ki-moon report on

Deprivation of political prisoners from medication in Iran


Ban Ki-moon, the General Secretary of the United Nations, in his report to the sixty-ninth General Assembly of the UN on 12 August 2014, has included a section on the situation of political prisoners in Iran who are deliberately being deprived of medication and medical attention by the Islamic regime. This is the first time that this issue has been brought to surface and has been reported by a UN Secretary General. This is mainly the result of the ‘Don’t Let Their Heartbeat stop’ campaign which was initiated by the Campaign to Free Political Prisoners in Iran (CFPPI) in support of prisoners deprived of medical attention. This campaign has internationally exposed the Islamic regime for this deliberate act of silently killing political prisoners in Iran.


CFPPI presented a list of these political prisoners along with reports on the deprivation of prisoners from medication, to the UN, EU Parliament, foreign ministers of European and other countries, international organisations including the office of Ahmed Shaheed the special rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iran. CFPPI adopted various creative approaches such as publishing pictures and description of more than 90 prisoners during the first two months of the campaign, organising demonstrations and other measures to attract an international support for these prisoners.

This is a victory for these political prisoners in Iran and all of us who have worked hard in this campaign; but that is not the end of the story. We need to keep the momentum. We need to keep the pressure on the Islamic regime in Iran. CFPPI will not let-up its campaign until every one of these prisoners is provided with medical attention. The UN report is a very significant step forward but it is not enough, we need to urge the UN and the other international organisations to further their pressure on the regime in Iran.

We need your help to intensify the pressure on the Islamic regime. Help us to take this gained momentum forward!

Please sign the petition and contact CFPPI and let us know how you can help.


Shiva Mahbobi


Campaign to Free Political Prisoners in Iran (CFPPI)

About ‘Don’t Let Their Heartbeat stop’Campaign to support political prisoners in Iran deprived of medical attention         http://bit.ly/1v7m8Gc

Speech and video clip on the campaign:






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